Welcome to Year 2

Our class has been looking carefully at the school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience and has discussed what we would like our class ethos to be. We believe in supporting and encouraging each other, treating each other fairly, listening to each other, respecting each other and having a positive attitude to everything we do

Our class text is 'Dougal the Deep Sea Diver' and we will be using the talk for writing process to write our own versions of the story. We will be learning how to use adjectives effectively and will be focusing on how we use conjunctions in our sentences. 

In Guided Reading we will be focusing on developing our comprehension skills as we begin our journey towards SATS in May. Children will be encouraged to apply their phonic skills to decode unfamiliar words and will begin to develop their inference skills.

In phonics the focus in Year 2 will be on learning spelling patterns and rules as well as recapping all previously learnt phonemes and graphemes. Spelling tests will be held weekly and will focus on words from the National Curriculum that children in Year 2 need to be able to spell correctly.

Our topic is currently 'Oh I do like to be by the seaside' and children have created some wonderful homework over the summer in readiness for our new theme. In geography we will be developing our mapping skills as we locate and name the four countries in the UK as well as identifying and labelling some seaside towns. We will also be finding out about physical and human features that can be found at the seaside. In history we will be looking at the life of Grace Darling and finding out about the history of the RNLI.

Our new RE curriculum introduces us to what it means to be kind. We will be looking at some different stories from the Bible and asking how Jesus teaches Christians about the importance of looking after others.



In maths this half term we will be developing our understanding of number and place value. We will learn how to partition 2 digit numbers into tens and ones, use the language of greater than, less than and equal to in order to compare numbers and will learn how to look for number patterns involving 2's, 5's and 10's. In addition and subtraction we will develop our recall of number facts to 20 as well as learn how to add and subtract a range of 2 digit and 1 digit numbers. We will use our reasoning skills to then apply our knowledge to different problems.

In Science we will be using our investigation skills to find out about the different properties of materials and how they are used. We will learn how to plan an investigation and then find the best way to record and display our results.


PE days are Wednesday and Thursday for our class and this half term we will be focusing on developing our throwing and catching skills.