Year 3


Literacy Autumn term

During the Autumn term, we will look at the journey that Lucy takes through the wardrobe, from the book, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It links to the Explorer theme.

In Guided Reading the children will be able to pick apart the book. To enable the children to focus on the different characters and their viewpoints. The children will be able to develop and use retrieval, descriptive and writing skills

In Literacy, the children become immersed with the text of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The class will then write their narrative based on the story. This will incorporate the 5 part story plan. The focus of the learning will then shift to nonfiction and report writing.







The focus this term is the golden age of exploration. The children will research the explorers of the past and who are our future explorers! The class will build chronological reports about their expeditions and look at the impact that they have had on modern day life.

The class will research different climate zones for different continents and make connections between the types of terrains found. The children will use ICT skills to investigate the human and physical features of the places that explorers visited. Furthermore, identifying weather patterns about the lines of tropics and the equator.

In Art, the children will be taking inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy looking at how we can create art from nature. The class will imitate his work in creating their artwork. Furthermore, the children will research Matese and his techniques and make comparisons between the two artists.

In design, the children will develop their knowledge of the needs of explorers regarding nutrition they would have required on their expeditions. The class will design and make ration packs that they would take on our journey .Evaluating the results by tasting the products.



The focus this term is on understanding the Hindu faith in year 3.The children will explore the beliefs and values that underpin their teachings. The class will study the different celebrations and ceremonies for example Diwali. It is to enable the children to compare the similarities and differences to Christianity.


Maths Autumn Term

The start of the Autumn term the children will be developing their understanding of number and place value, learning how to partition four digit numbers and read and write numbers to 10,000 and beyond. They then can apply this knowledge in real life contexts such as problem-solving with money.

Later in the term, the children will be using a range of measures including length, weight, and capacity and learn how to read these in practical ways.

Furthermore, the children will be developing the use of manipulatives in addition and subtraction skills before using written methods. The focus is on learning three, four, six and eights times tables and applying this to word problems. 






Firstly, the children will be studying the digestive system including teeth. Their focus will then be understanding the organs in the digestive system, how food travels through the body, what the components of teeth are and the role of each type of tooth.

Next, the class will focus on forces exploring gravity, air resistance, and friction. To develop the children's understanding of attraction and resistance by looking at magnetic poles and engaging in practical experiments.




Year 3 have their lessons on Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

The lessons will incorporate the explorer theme by including orienteering. It will develop their map reading skills to navigate around the field to find clues.