Year 3


Literacy Spring Term

We will be reading ‘Flat Stanley-The Great Egyptian   Robbery’ in our guided reading sessions and we will use this as inspiration for our literacy work.

The children will look at how to write newspaper reports using the key features identified to guide them, they will take a step back in time and use their journalistic skills to report the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb.

The children will immerse themselves within the text and develop their skills at building suspense in adventure stories. After the half term children will create their own tourist information leaflets on Egypt with a focus on   using persuasive vocabulary.


This term our topic is:

Ancient Egypt

We will be looking at the questions:

Who were the famous Pharaohs?

Why was the Nile so important?

What was ancient Egyptian society like?

As Historians

We will explore the ancient Egyptian civilisation and the legacy they left behind! We will discover what life was like in these times for the different members of society. The children will compare what life was like in Cairo then and what it is like now and will follow Howard Carters greatest discover in Egypt...The Tomb of Tutankhamen.


As Geographers

We will explore where in the world Egypt is and how it contributes to the continent of   Africa. The children will plan their own travel routes to Egypt. The children will investigate the importance of the Nile to Egyptian life and how the seasons were     structured around the Niles annual flooding. The     children will look at the role of Egyptians farmers and their importance in society.


As Artists

We will explore how the ancient Egyptian scribes recorded information using hieroglyphics and will use clay to create our own cartouche.

As Designers

We will be developing our knowledge of 3d structures and researching how the Egyptians managed to make the great pyramids without any technology! We will look at their methods and recreate these in our own pyramids. We will look at how we can improve of the designs of the past and see if we can innovate the pyramids with new 2018 design ideas.


In year 3 we will focus on the idea of miracles and whether there is any other explanation for the events documented in the Bible by Christianity.




Maths Spring Term

 We will be developing our understanding of Fractions looking at equivalent fractions, fraction to decimal conversions and mixed fractions.

We will look at position and direction in terms of co-ordinates, rotation and translation which will include 4 figure grid references.

We will develop our use of manipulatives in our addition and subtraction skills which will focus our attention on developing our skills with money.

In addition to this in year 3 the children will also be exploring measure looking at area and perimeter.




We will prepare a range of interactive activities and stations for a whole school event which showcases our scientific enquiry work to parents and visitors.

We will partake in British Science Week in school in the run up to this event.

We cant wait to show off our fantastic work and   understanding of the topics we have explored!





In PE our scheme of work in year 3 is Rugby in which a sports coach will be helping us to develop skills in teamwork, passing, catching and tactics of the game.