Year 3


Literacy Summer Term

We will be reading King Arthur in our guided reading sessions and will be using this as inspiration for our literacy work. 

The children will look at how to write myths and legends using the key features identified to guide them; they will use their visit to Conisbrough castle write a detailed recount taking on the role of a knight.

The children will immerse themselves in the text and develop their skills at writing explanation texts.



This term our topic is:

Knights and Castles

We will be looking at the questions:

Is King Arthur real?

How importance of castles changed over time?


As Historians

We will build a fact file after our trip of a site that is significant in it's locality. We will study an castles from British history to extend our chronological knowledge.

We will also choose a case study to explore which monarch was responsible for their design in the castle.


As Geographers

We will explore where and why castles were built in certain locations focusing on their physical and human features. 

We will also use our prior learning of castles to compare with Conisbrough castle on our visit. We will also document our findings using photographical and written evidence.


As Artists

We will study artist Paul Klee and use his famous art work 'Castle in the sun" as inspiration for our own work.

As Designers

We will be improve our mastery in art and design by using clay to design shields and to replicate the ingravings using paint. We will also develop our techniques in a variety of materials by creating and embroding coat of arms.


In year three we will be focusing on Hinduism. The class will focus on whether Brahman can be everywhere and in everything. We are learning to understand the Hindu belief that there is one God with many different aspects.




Maths Summer Term

 We will be developing our understanding of multiplication and division. This will include methods for example partitioning, column multiplication, and repeated division. 

For division, the class will learn the bus stop method and chunking. 

In the second half term, the children will focus on fractions to enable them to count up and down in tenths. Recognise, find and write fractions of a discrete set of objects.This will also include unit and non unit fractions.




We will study the uses of electricity and its sources. For example wind farms and power stations.

We will be making simple electrical circuits and what makes a good conductor and insulator of electricity. 

In the second half of the summer term, we will be focusing on sound. This will include pitch, vibration, hearing, and volume. We will explore how sound is made through vibration and conduct experiments to test and predict this theory.






In PE we are currently taking part in swimming lessons weekly. As it is the summer term the focus will switch to athletics. This will include developing running, jumping and throwing skills.