Welcome to Year 3/4


This is class 3/4 C! Miss Crossmore is the class teacher and Mrs Clarke supports us in our guided reading lessons and in Literacy. Mrs Carlill comes into our class on Tuesday mornings to help out.

Respect, Responsibility and Resilience

In our class we have been discussing how our new school values support us in our learning; make us feel valued; keep us safe; promote a sense of fairness to all and encourage outstanding behaviour around our school.

In our class we believe in supporting each other to achieve our potential, treating each other with respect and tolerance, listening to each other and having a positive attitude towards everything we do.

Literacy Summer Term

In literacy we will be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in our guided reading session and we will use this as inspiration for our writing.

The children will immerse themselves within the text analysing the vocabulary, characters and settings used and will replicate the writing style of Roald Dahl in their own stories.

We will write diaries and recounts of our own experiences of visiting a chocolate factory and producing our own chocolate.

Literacy Spring Term

In Literacy this term we will be using 'How to train your dragon' by Cressida Cowell to inspire us to write our own quest stories. The children shall immerse themselves within the text looking at the characters, their relationships with others, the setting and drawing comparisons between the book and the film. 

We will then use the story to create newspaper reports featuring sightings of dragons over Hull!

Our next units of work include exploring Viking sagas linking to our theme work on invaders and settlers. The children will learn about the Viking gods, re-enact the stories and create sagas of their own. We will also learn how to write a non-chronological report on the Vikings using all the information that we have learnt in our theme lessons.  

Literacy Autumn Term

In Literacy this term we have been exploring an array of non fiction text types. We began by looking at a range of letters in order to become familiar with features that can be found in both formal and informal styles.

We used the story ’Jolly Postman and other people’s letters’ for inspiration with informal letters before learning how to write formal letters including letters of complaint and letters of persuasion. 

We have also learnt how to write a set of detailed instructions that include imperative verbs, adverbs, adjectives and use structural features such as bullet points and numbered steps. 

Our next units of work include exploring stories from our cultures, in which we will be reading traditional stories from Brazil to link with our theme work and poetry. 

Maths Summer Term

In Maths we will revisit place value and our four number operations which form the foundation of our understanding of maths.

We will be exploring the properties of  2D and 3D shapes and identifying the shapes by name. We will also be identifying parallel and perpendicular lines in shapes. Furthermore more, we will develop our understanding of measurement by comparing, adding and subtracting measure of length, mass and capacity using them to solve real life problems.

Maths Spring Term

We have settled into our new maths classes really well and are working extremely hard! We are starting the term off by looking at fractions of shape moving onto fractions of numbers. We are learning how to work out fractions using a concrete method, pictorial method and finally an abstract method for some children.

We shall learn how to work out fraction equivalents and how we can order fractions. We shall also look at adding fractions.

Later in the term we will explore position and direction.  

Maths Autumn Term

In our first half of the term we have been using our new approach to maths to help develop our skills within addition and subtraction. We began by using a range of manipulative's including counters and base ten equipment to help us add amounts together and take amounts away. We then moved into learning how to represent our working out pictorially and finally focusing on solving problems using a column method. 

We are now focusing on multiplication and division with an emphasis on 3 and 4 times tables for Year 3's along with 6 and 9 times tables for Year 4's. We are learning how to show these as arrays and how to use written methods too.  

Science Summer Term

In Science we will be looking at nutrition and what types of food our bodies need and how often we should eat different food groups. We will also look at the effects of food on our team and how we can keep our teeth healthy. We will also explore the human skeleton and muscles and how these work.

Science Spring Term

In Science this half term we shall be learning about light! We shall explore how light travels and how we see light; thinking about how our eyes work and how we should protect our eyes from harmful light. We will create advertisements on sunglasses to reinforce this. We will also be looking at shadows, reflections and transparency as part of this unit of work.

The children will be setting up their own experiments and investigations later in the term for National Science Week!

Science Autumn Term

In Science in our first half term we have looked at States of Matter. We have learnt how to distinguish between a solid, liquid and a gas and can define their properties. We have also found out all about the water cycle and what happens to cause condensation and evaporation. We have conducted a range of interesting investigations to test out some of our theories. 

In this half term we are exploring rocks, soil and fossils. We will be comparing and grouping together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their simple physical properties. We will be investigating volcanoes and looking at cross sections of the Earth. 

R.E. Summer Term

In RE we will focus on the uniqueness of the Earth as Our World that everyone has a duty to respect and conserve.

We will explore how various faiths have explained some of life's big and difficult to answer questions.

R.E. Spring Term

Our topic this term is Faith Founders. We will be looking at significant figures in the Christian and Catholic religions, focusing on Jesus and Mother Teresa. 

We will also be looking at the Easter story and significant symbols associated with this celebration. 

R.E. Autumn Term

Our topic this term is Remembering. We have looked at at how Christians celebrate and remember special life events such as weddings and compare this with how other faiths celebrate similar occasions.

We will also be exploring the importance of Remembrance Sunday and how this relates to the British Value of liberty and democracy.

Theme Summer Term

Our theme for this term is The Golden Ticket and we will be focusing our research on finding out about the wonderfully magical world of chocolate.

In Geography we will be using our map skills to find out where the chocolate originated, how it is exported and where.

As historians we shall investigate the origins of chocolate from the ancient Mayan civilisation of South America and discover how chocolate was a part of their culture. 

In art children will take inspiration from Andy Warhol and create our own print of popular chocolate bars.

Theme Spring Term

Our topic for Spring is Invaders and settlers!

Our History lessons will immerse the children in a Vikings daily life looking at the jobs and roles within the Viking culture. We will recreate a Viking village, learn the Futhark alphabet and discover why the Vikings left their homeland in search of new lands. 

In Art we will take inspiration from our Science work and learn how to draw shadows and reflections. We will study the art work of Vincent Van Gogh and his representation of light in his paintings: Starry night over the Rhone, The night Café in Place Lamartine and Starry night. 

In P.E. we will be focusing on improving our gymnastic skills, focusing on balancing and travelling before devising and performing a sequence of their own.

Our D&T lessons will involve the children using a coil method with clay to make their own Viking pots. The children will research the craftsmen of the era through artifacts and use traditional Viking patterns to decorate their pots with.

In Geography we will investigate the origins of the Vikings and follow their journeys to new lands. We will look at using 4 figure grid references and plan our own Viking maps.    

Theme Autumn Term

Our topic for Autumn is all about important sporting events so we decided to link this to the recent Olympics and Paralympics in Rio.

Our History lessons have focused on the Ancient Olympics and we have looked at the origins of the games as well as looking at what life would have been like for the athletes.

In Art we have designed and made carnival masks using a wide variety of collage materials. We have explored what it is like to attend the Rio carnival by creating a scrapbook. We also evaluated our art work and could recognise our successes.

In PE we have linked our learning to the Olympics, at first we began by learning to  play Paralympic volleyball and then moved into learning how to dance in the style of samba! The children are  thoroughly enjoying this. 

Our D&T lessons will explore sculpture, making our own version of the famous Greek vases that display Olympic images.

In Geography will explore the human and physical features of a rainforest, looking at the climate and the impact people have on the environment.


Homework and PE days

We have revised the homework set for the children to become in line with our other HCAT schools.

At the end of a term the children will be set a learning challenge for them to partake in if they want to, it will be linked to their next topic and will be set with the purpose of getting them enthused and excited about their upcoming work!

Children receive ten new spellings every week and are tested the following Monday.

Children are expected to read independently at least 3 times per week, in order to build reading stamina and fluency.

 At the start of each half term the children will receive a homework booklet containing 4 homework challenges for the children to complete at any time within the half term. This will consist of 2 written based homework pieces and 2 maths based homework pieces. Children who complete the homework shall be recognised for their hard work and will be rewarded. 

PE is on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Children need to have t-shirt and shorts for indoor sessions and a suitable jumper, pair of trousers and trainers for outside sessions. It is getting cold now so it is important that the children are prepared accordingly. 

Trips and Visits Summer

We are looking forward to visiting The York Chocolate Story near the beginning of term which will hopefully inspire our learning journey over the coming weeks. Whilst there we are looking forward to sampling, tasting and making our own chocolate. Additionally we will be taking part in a workshop learning all about the characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. At the end of the term we are hoping to hold a special event to celebrate and share all our hard work.

Trips and Visits Spring

We are really excited to announce that we will be receiving a visit from the acoustic roots music group ‘Mambo Jambo’ on Tuesday 8th November. This visit will link with our theme work as children will be learning about Latin music and taking part in workshops before performing for an audience!

We are also pleased to say that the school will be going on a trip to the theatre to see a pantomime 'Beauty and the Beast' on Wednesday 7th December. 

Important date -

Thursday 19th January - Dress up day ( Fairy tale characters)