Welcome to Year 4/5 C 

Our class has looked carefully at the school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience and we have discussed what we would like our class ethos to be, we have agreed on our shared values which have become our class charter. We believe in supporting and encouraging each other, treating each other fairly, listening to each other, respecting each other and having a positive attitude to everything we do. We believe that we all have a voice in our class and school and work hard to build a community that we are proud of!

In Literacy

This term we shall be focusing our learning around the text 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo. 

In Guided Reading the children will be given the opportunity to read the book, exploring the different themes and the friendship that forms between two characters stranded on an island in the South Pacific. They will be given the chance to express their thoughts and feelings about survival in a 'new world' and co-habitation with a stranger, the islands wildlife and the force of mother nature. The children will face a range of challenges, from writing in-depth character descriptions, to learning how to answer comprehension based questions using point, evidence and explain.

In Writing the children's learning will focus firstly on creating persuasive texts, the children will explore how language choices and the way in which points are structured are crucial in persuading another person to see and agree with their point of view. The children's writing shall then be directed around their reading text 'Kensuke's Kingdom' where they will be immersed within the text writing stories which are based around characters facing a dilemma. The writing focus will then change and the children will be given the opportunity to use cross curricular learning bringing in their geography work on climate and habitats found on South Pacific islands to create non-chronological reports.  

In Maths 

This term the children will initially focus their learning on place value, including rounding, ordering, numbers with up to three decimal places and roman numerals. We will then move on to problem solving using the four areas of number (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). The children will explore how to use formulas to calculate area and perimeter and how to solve what a shapes area or perimeter may be when there are unknown measurements.  

Later on the in term the children will focus their learning on angles, position and direction before moving on to measuring volume. 

In Science 

We are all excited and have worked very hard to present a showcase of all the scientific enquiries that we have engaged within at school...Gilberdyke's first Science Fair!!

We look forward to seeing parents and carers at our science fair. 

Throughout the first half term the children will explore evolution looking at what traits are inherited from our parents. They will look at the differences between adaptation and evolution and learn about Charles Darwin and his studies on animals in the Galapagos islands. The children will write a biography on Darwin using their research to help them.

In the second half term we will be looking at living things and their habitats learning about the life cycles of humans and animals. The children will create information leaflets about the human life cycle.  

In Art and Design 

As our topic takes us into the South Pacific in Art the children will look at Aboriginal artwork, they will discover that their art is called Dream-time stories which describe when the world was created and their art shows these stories through secret symbols. They will learn that Aboriginals do not have a written language like we do, so their art stands for a written language which has layers of hidden meanings. We will look at geometric, figurative and x-ray art that has been found in different locations across Australia. 

In Design we will be looking at raft building...imagining that we ourselves have become ship wrecked on a desert island and have salvaged materials from the wreckage to make a raft to escape! 

We will also design and build shelters that would protect us from the elements of a tropical island. Children will use their cross curricular knowledge here to draw upon their understanding of materials and their properties to build a suitable shelter. Children will evaluate their design concepts based on its ability to withstand the weather!  

In Geography and History

This term our topic is 'New World'. In History the children will begin by focusing their learning on James Cook and his voyage to discover a 'new world' which was Australia. This links directly to the children's reading text 'Kensuke's Kingdom' where Michael's family set off on an adventure to sail around the world to Australia. The children will explore what happened when Australia was discovered and how it impacted the Aboriginal people living in Australia.    

We will take our Geography skills of map reading and explore Oceania looking at an array of South Pacific islands, their populations, vegetation, animal life and climate. We will discover how plants and animals can be endemic to a specific place and use our literacy skills to make fact files on our findings.The children will take their navigation skills to the skies to learn about constellations and how sailors used the stars as a map. We will look at the constellations that can be seen clearly from the South Pacific and navigate a route using these from one island to another.  


This term the children's Religious Education will be based upon the teachings of Islam. They will begin by looking at the 5 pillars of Islam, investigating how Muslims show commitment to their religion.

The children will be given the chance to consider the life of a Muslim and how their religion shapes the way they live. They will be given the chance to learn about different Islamic festivals including Ramadan and will be given the chance to discuss their own beliefs and views. 


This year the children will have their PE lesson on a Wednesday with sports coaches and on a Friday with their class teacher.  

The children will be taught to play hockey learning how to dribble the ball with a stick and push pass to a team member. The children will thick tactically about using the space on the pitch, using the body as a shield and running  around the defender’s weak side with the ball. Children will try out their skills in small match groups. 

The second half of our term we will look at an array of track and field events including sprinting, relay, javelin, discus and high jump. 

We will also look forward to Sports Day and welcome all parents and carers to come along and enjoy the day with us!