Welcome to Year 4/5


Our class has been looking carefully at the new school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience and has discussed what we would like our class ethos to be. We believe in supporting and encouraging each other, treating each other fairly, listening to each other, respecting each other and having a positive attitude to everything we do. 

Literacy Summer Term


As Authors and Readers we will be learning to write biographies and balanced arguments. The chosen text the children will be looking at in depth is, Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman.

The children will be given the opportunity to read this text, analyse its literary features and consider the way the story is told. The children will be given the opportunity to study the language choices made by the author and analyse the impact these have upon the text.

Throughout the next half term the children will also be given the opportunity to develop their Grammar skills.


Literacy Spring Term

As Authors and Readers we will be learning to write diaries and then developing our imaginative writing skills by learning to write stories with flashbacks. The chosen text the children  will be looking at in depth is, Adolphus Tips by Michael Morpurgo.

We will also be developing our punctuation skills in  Grammar  as well as learning how to link ideas in paragraphs  by using adverbials of time.

In guided reading the children will be reading a variety of texts, analysing what they have read as well as developing their comprehension skills.


Science Spring Term

As Scientists we will be looking at animals including their habitats. Throughout this topic we will learn to classify different groups of animals and other living things. We will also learn to compare and contrast plants and look carefully at the conditions they need to grow.

Throughout the topic the children will be given the           opportunity to  work practically as well as carrying out their own research using the internet.



Art and DT Spring Term

This term our Art and DT will be closely linked to our theme,; is it right to fight?

Throughout the term the children will be given the chance to design and make their own air raid shelter, taking inspiration from the shelters they will have seen on their visit to Eden Camp.

The children will also be given the opportunity to create and make food using a range of WW2 recipes. This will culminate in them making food for a street party at the end of term! We can’t wait to see and taste their creations!


PE Spring Term

As part of our PE curriculum the children will be looking at dance and gymnastics. We will be looking at dance from WW2 and choreographing our own dances in groups.



In Literacy we have been looking at writing letters. We began by looking at the story of Goodnight Mr Tom and writing letters to Williams parents. In particular the children enjoyed taking part in roll play, imagining they were in London throughout World War Two and describing how they felt being evacuated to the country.

We then moved onto looking at narrative poetry. The children thoroughly enjoyed studying The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. We enjoyed looking at a range of poetic conventions and how they were used within the poem. We finished our unit by writing our own version of the Jabberwocky. 

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Geography and History Summer Term

Our theme for this term is, fit for life. Throughout this topic the children will focus their learning on keeping fit and healthy. We will be looking closely at the history of medicine with a particular focus on medical advancements from the Victorian era through to present day. We will also focus our studies on Edward Jenner, looking at his amazing contributions to medicine. In geography we will compare the ways people keep fit in England to other countries focusing on the impact their diet and lifestyle may have on their lifespan.


Numeracy Spring Term

As Mathematicians we will begin by looking at  fractions, decimals, percentages and shape.

Throughout our work the children will be given the chance to work with concrete methods using a range of equipment to help them show their working out. They will also be encouraged to present their working out pictorially finally moving onto to  using standard written methods and solving problems that require mastery maths skills.

While working on fractions, decimals and percentages the children will be encouraged to apply their basic number skills they were taught throughout the  Autumn term.


Geography and History Spring Term

Our theme for this half term is, is it right to fight? Throughout this topic the children will focus their    learning on WW2.  We will be looking closely at the countries the war was fought in and how it affected the civilians.  Work across history, geography, will be covered throughout the topic with the children being given the chance to explore how WW2 affected Britain, with a particular focus on Hull. The children will also be given the chance to explore life in other countries and how evacuation affected those living in cities.


RE Spring Term

In RE this half term we will be comparing and contrasting  the lifestyles of different faith groups including Hindus and Buddhists. We will be exploring how they care for the world and their views on right and wrong. Throughout our topic we will also look closely at the work of Muhatma Ghandi and Mother Teresa.


Class information

PE Days are  Tuesday and Wednesday. The children will require both indoor and outdoor kits with appropriate footwear.

Please ensure water bottles are brought to school every day.

This half terms homework booklets have been sent out,  including 2 pieces of maths and 2 individual written tasks. These are to be completed over the next half term. Alongside this the children will need to complete their daily    reading, recording each time they have read in their reading record as well as practising their weekly spellings. Thank you for your continued support!



In Numeracy this half term we have focused in particular on addition and subtraction. We began by using a range of manipulative's including counters and base ten equipment to help us add large amounts together. We then moved into learning how to represent our working out pictorially and finally focusing on solving problems using a range of different strategies.

The children have enjoyed modelling their working out to their peers and have gained in confidence when having to explain how they know an answer to a sum is correct. 


In Science this term we have been looking at States of Matter. We have learnt how to distinguish between a solid, liquid and a gas and can define their properties. We have also been finding out about the water cycle and what happens to cause condensation and evaporation. We have conducted a range of interesting investigations to test out some of our theories..



Homework and PE days

Homework is given at the start of each half term and a completed piece is due in every Monday. Children will also be set a piece of maths work on the website www.mymaths.co.uk  Children receive ten new spellings every week and are tested the following Monday.


Our topic for this term is all about important sporting events so we decided to link this to the recent Olympics and Paralympics in Rio. Our History has focused on the Ancient Olympics and we have looked at the origins of the games as well as looking at what life would have been like for the athletes. In Art we have designed and made carnival masks using a wide variety of collage materials whilst our DT will explore sculpture, making our own version of the famous Greek vases that display Olympic images. Our geography will explore the human and physical features of a rainforest, looking at the climate and the impact people have on the environment.

In PE we have linked our learning to the Olympics, at first we began by learning to  play Paralympic volleyball and then moved into learning how to dance in the style of samba! The children thoroughly enjoyed this. 


Trips and visits

We had great fun taking part in the soccer speed challenge and were delighted that one of our class now holds the speed record for Y3/4 pupils in Hull and East Riding – well done Tommy! We are really excited to announce that we will be receiving a visit from the acoustic roots music group ‘Mambo Jambo’ on Tuesday 8th November. This visit will link with our topic as children will be learning about Latin music and taking part in workshops before performing for an audience.


Our topic this term is remembering. We have looked at at how Christians celebrate and remember special life events such as weddings and compare this with how other faiths celebrate similar occasions. We will also be exploring the importance of remembrance Sunday and how this relates to the British Value of liberty and democracy.