Class 5/6

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Class 5/6 is taught by Mr. Knowles,  with support from Mrs. Stanley.

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P.E. sessions are held on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Wednesday sessions = Summer Games Tennis/Cricket etc - outdoor. Children require:

  • shorts/leggings
  • a plain t-shirt.
  • trainers suitable for the field and the playground

Thursday sessions = CITYstars - outdoor.

For outdoor PE, children must ensure they have suitable kit for all weather conditions, as sessions will still take place in the cold or in light rain.

  • suitable secure footwear,
  • suitable tee-shirt/jumper,
  • suitable shorts/skirt/jogging bottoms. 

Long hair must be tied back and jewellery removed.

*Children may wear their coat and/or hat/gloves in wintry conditions.


Theme work

Our Summer theme asks the question Are We Fit for Life?

Science drives our work this term, with studies into the respiration and digestion systems, and learning the functions of the organs of our body. 

Investigations into fitness and observations on how muscles work effectively will also take place.

Children will learn about the importance of a balanced diet (and how and why people like sportspeople deliberately skew the balance of their diet for their needs). They will use this knowledge to design and make balanced and unbalanced packed-lunches, all based on the Eatwell Plate diagram.

The effects of drugs and medicines will also be learnt - ie. how smoking affects our lungs, and children will learn that drugs can both help and harm us.

A brief look into micro-organisms will take place in later weeks, and children will discover the important roles that scientists of the past, like Alexander Flemming and Edward Jenner, have played on our lives today.


Our class text - Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman - will drive our writing this term. Diary entries and re-writes of chapters will take place, based on different characters' perspectives. We will compare characters and produce balanced arguments.


Any resources - pictures/books/DVDs etc. will be gratefully received.

Visit the school's Twitter page @GilberdykeRocks for updates on school events and activities.


A homework pack for the Summer term is sent home at the beginning of the term.

This pack contains SPaG, maths and writing tasks that are based on children's learning over the whole term. As a result, children are not expected to be able to complete tasks straight away

Homework tasks can be returned to school individually through the term, or as a pack on or before Wednesday 12th July.

Replacement homework packs are available in class.



See the Topic section for our theme based writing genres.

Children in C5/6 are working to include the following criteria in their writing across the curriculum in order to build a portfolio of writing "at age-related expectation":

  • Using sub-ordinate clauses in writing in the following ways:
    • use of sub-ordinating conjunctions (because, while, if, even though, despite, when, after etc)
    • opening sentences using a sub-ordinating conjunction.
    • embedded clauses.
    • use of relative pronouns to create relative clauses.
    • Using commas at the correct times to separate clauses.
  • Precise vocabulary choices:
    • precise verb choices
    • precise adjective choices
    • precise noun choices
  • Using adverbs to describe verbs (detailing how the verb was performed eg. "clumsily")
  • Using adverbial phrases to describe verbs (detailing how, where and when)
    • Using adverbial phrases to open sentences - "fronted adverbials.  
  • Varying sentence openings through a text to avoid repetition and to vary sentence structures.
  • Organising and structuring work appropriately.
  • Formal/informal language.


Spellings will be tested weekly. Please support your child with their spellings homework:

10 spellings per week.

Write each 10 times (look-cover-write) then use it in a sentence.


Guided reading takes place daily with groups in class. Written work is carried out in response to group reading. More developed answers expected in written work in years 5 and 6, which will often involve children pin-pointing the words/phrases that led them to their answer. For both year groups, this is also vital preparation for SATs.

Additionally, children are expected to read independently at least 5 times per week, in order to build reading stamina and fluency.


In Spring, our science work will focus on human biology - digestive and respiration systems; movement; balanced diets; nutrition; drugs and investigations into fitness.