Year 6

Literacy Summer Term


To start the summer term year 6 will be focusing their writing on persuasive letters. They will be engrossed in the text, being given the opportunity to look at various different examples of persuasive writing. They will then focus their persuasive letters on matters that affect them such as; improving the school grounds and school meals. The children will learn how to develop arguments and use facts to give evidence for their arguments.

Throughout the summer term the children will also be given the chance to focus their writing around the key text – Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpergo. This will give the children a chance to develop their narrative writing skills as well as focusing on other non-fiction writing tasks.

Reading Summer Term

To begin the Summer term, year 6 will focus their attention on completing the text ‘Black Powder’. Our children have shown a huge passion for this book and have requested to complete it, while working hard towards their SAT’s.

After the SAT tests we will focus our attention on Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpergo, a popular children’s author. This book will take the children on a voyage to a whole new world, allowing them to experience the journey of a child who is washed up on an Island in the Pacific Ocean. This is a story in which Michael (the main character) struggles to survive on his own. He is stuck, with no food and no water. He curls up in a ball, waiting for his inevitable end, however when he wakes, there is a plate beside him of fish, of fruit, and a bowl of fresh water.  He is not alone…It is a story we are sure your children will thoroughly enjoy and is rich in opportunities for them to develop their reading skills.


Maths Summer Term

To start the summer term, year 6’s maths will focus heavily on revising the year 6 maths curriculum in readiness for the SAT’s paper. We will focus our revision on the different areas covered within the arithmetic paper including all four areas of number, fractions and percentages. In maths we will focus on many areas including; properties of number, fractions, decimals and percentages, shape and measure. The children will be given the chance to work through past SAT style questions with their teacher ensuring they are confident in all areas they have been taught. This will provide the perfect opportunity for the children to develop their skills and ask any questions they need.


Topic Summer Term

As year 6, we have many things to look forward to in the next term, including our residential visit to Camp Hill in June, our transition visits to Howden Secondary School and putting on an amazing end of year play! However, our learning has not yet ended and we have many exciting learning opportunities to cover in our topic a whole new world. In Geography we will be looking at the physical features of different islands around the world. We will be looking at where they are located, what different plants and food sources grow their and what life would be like living somewhere else.

In DT the children will be given the opportunity to create shelters that can withstand the challenging whether we can sometimes have in England. They will create designs, make their shelter and be given the chance to evaluate its durability. They will also be making boats, linking our learning closely to our key text for this term.

In Art we will be looking at how art has changed throughout history. We will be closely looking at different types of aboriginal art; including creating designs on eucalyptus leaves to make a wreath and x-ray aboriginal art! We look forward to seeing the children’s amazing designs.


Science Summer Term

In science we will begin the summer term by holding an exciting science fair. The children will be given the chance to ‘show off’ their amazing practical skills to our community. We will be carrying out many different experiments including making volcanoes and boats.

Our learning throughout the first half term will focus on evolution. We will look at how our physical characteristics are passed on from our parents. The children will be given the chance to think about adaptation and how this differs from inheritance.


To start the summer term off, we will be focusing on hockey in our outdoor PE lessons. The children will be given the chance to develop their skills individually aswell as learning to play hockey as part of a team.

In the second half of the summer term the children will take part in various athletic activities including sprinting, long jump and javelin. We also look forward to demonstrating our amazing sporting ability at this year’s Sports day!


Literacy Autumn term

This term we shall be focusing our learning around the text 'Journey to Jo'burg.' In Guided Reading the children will be given the opportunity to read the book, exploring the different themes and the effect of the Apartheid on the characters. They will be given the chance to explore the different cultural themes within the book and express their thoughts and feelings on these. The children will face a range of challenges, from writing in-depth character descriptions, to learning how to answer comprehension based questions using point, evidence and explain.

In Literacy the children's learning will continue to be focused around the text 'Journey to Jo'burg', where they will be immersed within the text, exploring the impact of Apartheid on South Africa. The children will begin by learning to write their narrative based around the story, learning to structure their writing using the 5 part story plan. The writing focus will then change and the children will be given the opportunity to create their own diary, from one of the character's perspectives. 

Maths Autumn Term

This term the children will initially focus their learning on place value, including rounding, ordering and negative numbers. We will then move on to problem solving using the four areas of number. The children will be given the chance to consolidate methods they will already be familiar with, as well as learning new methods such as long division. They will be given the chance to solve multi-step problems, using reasoning skills to explain the methods they chose to use.

Later on the in term the children will focus their learning on fractions, decimals and percentages, learning the equivalence and how to solve problems using these. 



This term our topic is 'Changing Cultures'. The children will begin by focusing their learning on the Geography of Africa. They will complete a study on different countries within Africa, looking at the physical and human geography as well as the climate. They will be given the chance to compare Africa to England and more closely a city to Hull, identifying similarities and differences between the two places.

Their learning shall then continue by looking at the history of South Africa, with a particular focus on the Apartheid and land grabbing.

In Art the children will look at the clothing worn by  the Asante people of Ghana in West Africa on special occasions. They will get to explore the different patterns that are worn upon their clothing and the meaning of the symbols as well as creating their own design for an Adinkra cloth.

In DT we will be looking at African masks. The children will learn that these are an important part of African culture for tribes to perform stories at social celebrations and events. 


This year the children will have their PE lesson on a Thursday. 

During the first half term, the children will be taught to play basket ball, developing a range of skills such as throwing accurately, catching, aiming and defending. The children will be taught to apply these skills in a range of mini games, building up to playing a final game as a class. 



This term the children's Religious Education will be based upon the teachings of Islam. They will begin by looking at the 5 pillars of Islam, investigating how Muslims show commitment to their religion.

The children will be given the chance to consider the life of a Muslim and how their religion shapes the way they live. They will be given the chance to learn about different Islamic festivals including Ramadan and will be given the chance to discuss their own beliefs and views. 


Throughout the first half term the children will be given the chance to carry out many scientific experiments based upon forces.We will begin by looking at gravity and air resistance, moving onto friction and the forces that act upon us when we are in the water. 

The children will get to plan, carry out and analyse the data from their own experiments and will be encouraged to link their findings to scientific knowledge.